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8 am
Women’s Leadership Conference
WSU Pullman - Off Campus

The conference will explore the theme: Finding Your Power: Cultivating Authentic Leadership. This year’s theme speaks to the importance of culture change through individual and shared empowerment, cultivating leadership through positive, open and honest relationships; and building a diverse and innovative community to create dynamic, respectful and inclusive work environments.

9 am
Murrow Symposium – Storytelling for Impact
Compton Union Building

The Murrow Symposium, an annual event organized by The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, brings together experts in various fields of communication to teach and interact, which serves to elevate Murrow College, Washington State University and the broader communication industry.

9 am
44th Murrow Symposium
Conference / Symposium
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

Through a mixture of industry experts, speakers, interactive experiences and opportunities for conversation, the Murrow Symposium explores the communication industry, our challenges and accomplishments and opportunities for development and growth.

2 pm
Perusall: Ensure your students are reading
Class / Instruction
WSU Everett - Spark

Use this tool to proactively engage students in reading and provide a focus of conversation with automatically graded annotations. This platform allows students to make comments, ask questions, and interact with peers in a quick and scalable way that allows misconceptions about the reading (or other media) to be easily identified. This tool is also a strong candidate for a flipped classroom.