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12 pm
LSAMP Graduate Week 2019-2020
WSU Pullman - Todd Hall

Graduate School Admission Workshop w/ Dr. Raymond Herrera

Join us for a four-day “Graduate Week” event which helps prepare students for graduate school and exposes them to faculty, graduate students and the McNair program.

12:10 pm
Faculty-Led Workshops: Preparing Students for Success
Class / Instruction
WSU Everett - Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)

Your WSU colleagues have some exciting ideas to share! Hear from a panel about successful implementation of simple changes to make a big impact. Every faculty panel will include perspectives of varying disciplines and offer a 30-minute open lab following the workshop for you to incorporate panel ideas into your own course.

4:05 pm
ProPEL Workshop: Informational interviews
Careers / Jobs
WSU Pullman - Spark

Learn about the informational interview process, including what to ask, how to approach, and how to utilize your network in the job search.

4:10 pm
Time Management
WSU Pullman - Todd Hall

Not enough time in the day? It can be difficult to find the end of your to-do list or find an effective school-life balance you are happy with.