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9:10 am
Teaching via Video Conference: Tips and Strategies
Class / Instruction
WSU Pullman - Spark

Video conferencing is a synchronous distance learning technology that allows students throughout the state —and beyond—to take part in the WSU educational experience.

11:10 am
General University Classroom (GUC): Informational Tour
Class / Instruction
WSU Pullman - Spark

General University Classrooms (GUCs) and Active Learning classrooms are designed to support faculty in student engagement and collaboration. Register for a personalized tour of the technology in the classroom you will be teaching in.

1:10 pm
Perusall: Ensure your students are reading
Class / Instruction
WSU Pullman - Spark

In this training, you will learn to use this tool to proactively engage students in reading and provide a focus of conversation with automatically graded annotations.

2:10 pm
Zoom Basics: How to get started
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Spark

Zoom allows users to communicate through web cam, chat, and screen share. Learn about how this tool can be used to conduct real time classroom sessions, meetings, office hours, host remote presenters and so much more!

7 pm
Planetarium Show: SENTIENT
WSU Pullman - Sloan Hall

During the Spring semester of 2013 at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, students explored the topic of consciousness.