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All day
WSU Pullman - Student Recreation Center

Come get your free pumpkin! In order to be able to participate in AquaPatch you must be a member of the Student Recreation Center and you must make a reservation on our website.

9 am
Networking in the New Normal

COVID-19 has disrupted the world, to say the least, affecting the way people interact and how businesses operate.

10:10 am
Blackboard Learn Tests and Quizzes
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Online

This training will provide a review of Blackboards’ full array of powerful question formats and setting options that allow you to precisely control and manage delivery of online assessments.

2:10 pm
Let Freedom Ring: African-American Music as American Musical History and Culture
WSU Pullman - Kimbrough Music Building

This presentation affirms Black musical expression as a viable form of American culture. Born out of documented duress, the musical contributions of enslaved Africans in the earliest days of United States history exemplifies a creative synthesis of cultural preservation and adaptation, that conceived and birthed songs of sorrow, yet hope.

3 pm
Virtual Mini Summit on AI during WSU Research Week
Conference / Symposium
WSU Pullman

The Artificial Intelligence @ WSU initiative is hosting a virtual mini summit on AI and applications to showcase recent advancements, foster collaborations, and initiate conversations, both within WSU as well as across major institutions in the Pacific Northwest.

3:30 pm
Pullman Farmers Market
WSU Pullman - Brelsford WSU Visitor Center

The Pullman Farmers Market returns for its 12th season to offer the community a mid-week farmers market.

4:30 pm
Slalom Information Session
Careers / Jobs
WSU Pullman - Online

Slalom is hosting a virtual information session and would love the opportunity to meet you and tell you more about our growing company! Please join us for this event to learn more about our full-time early career software engineer consulting opportunities and our fall recruitment timeline.

7 pm
Online Pictionary
WSU Global Campus - Online

Hone in on your drawing skills and join us in a game of online Pictionary!