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2021 Art & Healing: Virtual Exhibitions

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About the event

The artworks featured on this page—selected from recent exhibitions—draw attention to the therapeutic aspects of visual, auditory, tactile, and spatial art experiences. Seeing, hearing, touching, and moving can stimulate the senses in positive ways, promoting well-being of both mind and body. For this reason, visual and performing arts programs have increasingly been implemented in hospital, caregiving, and rehabilitation settings around the country.

Art & Healing Virtual Exhibitions are part of a new collaboration between the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU and Pullman Regional Hospital. Read more about this collaboration on our Art & Healing Overview page.

The resources provided here are intended for use by art lovers, medical staff and patients, as well as all members of our community who are interested in the relationship of art, healing, and mental and physical well-being. Interested groups may also request live discussion or a short tour on Zoom by emailing the Education Coordinator, Kristin Becker at