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2021 Disability Awareness Symposium: Scuba diving and the power of letting go of the rope with paralympic athlete and adaptive scuba instructor, Ryan Chalmers


About the event

Ryan will discuss his passion for scuba diving and how a disabled teen grew up to be a divemaster including all of the adaptations, if any, he needed to learn to strive to help other young people with disabilities learn to scuba dive. Along with his personal experience learning to dive, we will discuss the differences disabled individuals face when learning to dive and the numerous opportunities scuba diving has given Ryan including the opportunity to push a racing wheelchair 3300 miles across the United States.

Ryan Chalmers learned how to scuba dive when he was just 15 years old and immediately scuba diving became a passion. Now a PADI certified divemaster (certified in 2012), Ryan is a Director with Stay-Focused the nonprofit organization with which he learned to dive, is able to share his passion with other young, disabled teens.

Ryan can be contacted via email at


Davi Kallman