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2 pm
Anika Auni Proposal Defense
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Online

Mixed metal oxides are excellent candidates in catalyst synthesis since they can serve both as an active catalyst or as a substrate for other catalytic entities.

5 pm
Simple hacks that save you money

How signing up for rewards and using different applications can help save you money while grocery/online shopping.

5 pm
Count on Cougs | Undergraduate Students
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Extension - Online

Take steps to make our campuses and communities safer by joining the violence prevention virtual workshop, Count on Cougs.

6 pm
Coping with COVID
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Extension - Online

Coping with COVID is designed to teach students coping skills, how to seek help if needed, and how to provide support to others who may be in distress.

6:30 pm
Kettlebells 301: Priming the KB Snatch
Exercise / Fitness
WSU Global Campus - Online

Join Master Trainer & Coordinator of Fitness Services at Washington State University, Ramon Sodano, in the third installment of his kettlebells webinar series. This time around, he will explain the proper way to throw a kettlebell overhead!