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9 am
Open Resume Reviews (Voiland College ProPEL)
Careers / Jobs
WSU Pullman - Dana Hall

Prepare for the 2021 Fall Career Expo this year by creating or updating your resumes. Once you have created your resume, drop in to the Internships and Career Services office so that we can review your résumé.

11:10 am
Getting Started with Canvas
Class / Instruction
WSU Everett

We will show you how to create, upload, organize, and edit content, including a review of the Rich Content Editor.

4:10 pm
Chemistry Departmental Seminar
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

Many novel phenomena that emerge at extreme pressure-temperature (PT) conditions are fundamentally chemical processes; reflecting how chemical bonds break and form, how atoms and molecules organize over short- and long-range spatial extents, and how kinetics and thermodynamics govern materials stability.