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12 pm
WSU Career Expo & Technical Fair — In-person
Careers / Jobs
WSU Pullman - Beasley Coliseum

WSU will host over 250 employers, organizations, and graduate programs at this Fall’s expo. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to attend this bi-annual networking event.

12 pm
Foley event: What can the next Congress do?
WSU Pullman - Bryan Hall

James Curry, University of Utah, will discuss whether polarization caused gridlock, or can the majority govern? What role does the minority party play in passing, or halting legislation?

7 pm
Palouse French Film Festival
Film Screening
Off Campus
Gagarine / Gagarin

Directed by Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh Drama/Fantasy; 98 min. (2020)

Yuri, 16, has lived all his life in Gagarin Towers, a vast red-brick housing project on the outskirts of Paris. He dreams of becoming an astronaut.…