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12 pm
Cold Climate Heat Pumps: A Necessary Tool for Reducing Carbon Emissions
WSU Pullman - Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center

Heat pump technology is changing the way single-family residences are being heated and cooled. Heating systems that are reliant on gas or electric resistance heating can be changed to a heat pump and meaningfully reduce carbon emissions. While most heat pumps can be used in residential retrofits and new residential construction in Washington State climate zones, the cold weather limitations of heat pumps may need to be considered in some building locations to ensure the unit installed can meet optimal heating temperatures during cold winter months. In this lecture, key takeaways from a cold climate heat pump study performed by RDH Building Science Inc. for Fortis BC Inc. will be discussed.

12:10 pm
Showcasing Your Educational Activities
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman

College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Academy Brown Bag Seminar


Dr. Susan Matthew, Professor; Associate Chair, Veterinary Medical Education Professor

This session will discuss how you can showcase your educational activities for annual review and promotion. We will discuss relevant guidelines and examples, and give…

3:30 pm
Pullman Farmers Market
WSU Pullman

The mission of the Pullman Farmers Market is to provide a place for the community to acquire high-quality, locally grown food and products, while giving local farmers, producers and crafters a venue to connect directly with consumers. The market operates every Wednesday from mid-May to mid-October.

7:30 pm
WSU Symphonic Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble
WSU Pullman - Bryan Hall


Join the WSU Symphonic Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble as they perform their first concert of the 2022-2023 school year. Works by Yo Goto, Julie Giroux, Dwayne Milburn, and John Philip Sousa will be featured.