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Access Center Awards Recognition Ceremony


About the event

The Access Center at WSU supports equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities by removing barriers to the living and learning environment, promoting self-advocacy and providing support to foster student learning and engagement in all opportunities available at the university.

Barriers to learning are removed with the help from supportive faculty, staff, and administrators who recognize the importance of flexibility with how curricula goals and objectives are met and the importance of support services for students throughout the WSU system.

We also recognize and acknowledge the Access Center students who are tireless self-advocates and disability advocates. These students help make WSU a better place for all students with disabilities.

The Access Center Awards Ceremony celebrates and honors the achievements and contributions that WSU system staff, faculty, and students make to the disability community. We also recognize individuals within WSU who ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are an integral part of their mission while at WSU.


Davi Kallman