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Virtual All Campus Resource Fair: Washington State University (WSU) Physics and Astronomy Club

Join Us!

About the event

Hanging out with a bunch of physics lovers has never been more fun! We drop pumpkins from 12th floor of Webster Hall, attend private planetarium shows, take field trips to LIGO in Hanford, and play Smash Bros… all in the name of science. Come prove yourself at the annual Physics Olympics (events include rolling chair curling and a paper plane competition) or listen to a special talk from one of the Physics and Astronomy department’s beloved professors. We also work with and visit local schools to engage the community with hands-on demonstrations and special events. As long as you have a love of science and fun, you’ll be sure to have a good time and make connections with other like thinkers.

A PowerPoint slide will be used to highlight the fun and exciting activities that the physics club participates in including: the annual Pumpkin Drop and Egg Drops, Physics Olympics, trips to LIGO, special talks from professors, private planetarium shows.