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12 pm
NW ROTAC Webinar: Increasing Access Points Through Innovation in Community Pharmacy
Online - Online

Access to OUD/SUD and associated supportive services can be challenging and often problematic due to stigma associated with existing practice. Community pharmacies represent an untapped resource to expand entry points, decrease delays in treatment, enhance collaboration among providers and increase support for patients.

12:10 pm
School of Molecular Biosciences Faculty Seminar Series
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Biotechnology Life Sciences

“Insights into mechanisms regulating Transcription Coupled Nucleotide Excision Repair (TC-NER),” presented by Dr. Kathiresan Selvam; and “STING-Dependent BAX-IRF3 Signaling Induces Apoptosis in Late-Stage burnetii Infection,” presented by Dr. Manish Chauhan, Washington State University, School of Molecular Biosciences

6 pm
ASWSUG Executive Board Meeting
Online - Online

The Executive Board cordially invites students to attend our executive meeting. We encourage you to stop in and learn more!