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Tuesday, May 24 @1 pm
Keiko Hara: The Poetics of Space, Four Decades of Paintings and Prints
WSU Pullman

Keiko Hara’s exploration of her relationship to her surrounding environment has been continually formulated through the artist’s ongoing series titled, Topophilia. Meaning “a strong love of place,” the term topophilia, with its connection to humanistic geography, also represents a universal desire to hold onto ephemeral moments of beauty and sadness as related to conceptions of place—even if unattainable.

Tuesday, May 24 @1 pm
Our Stories, Our Lives: Irwin Nash photographs of Yakima Valley migrant labor
WSU Pullman

In 1967, Irwin Nash visited the Yakima Valley to take photographs for a free-lance magazine piece on valley agriculture. After completing this assignment, he nevertheless returned to the farming communities around Yakima each season until 1976 to document the lives of these workers. In the process, he created a compelling archive of more than 9,400 photographs.

Tuesday, August 23 @10 am
Juventino Aranda: Esperé Mucho Tiempo Pa Ver
WSU Pullman

Juventino Aranda’s work expresses a search for identity at the intersection of Mexico and America. As the artist has stated, “I am Mexican and second generation ‘American.’ I am not Hispanic, Latino, and definitely not Spanish—even though I live everyday with the consequences of their conquest.” Aranda’s sharp-witted art navigates this cultural borderland, drawing from pre-Columbian sources as well as current affairs related to the social, political, and economic struggles of late capitalism and notions of the American dream.

Monday, August 29 @9 am
Jovan C. Speller Artist Talk & Exhibition
WSU Pullman

Speller is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minnesota. Her work uses photography, installation, sound, text, and mixed media visual works to interpret historic narratives through contemporary discourse. Her research-based practice is centered around elevating, complicating and inventing stories that explore ancestry, identity, and spatial memory.

Wednesday, September 14 @6 pm
Angel Investing — Basics

Angel investing used to only be for the ultra-wealthy. Now 12% of people can qualify to become Angel Investors. With the right tools and knowledge, angels can impact the local economy for the benefit of all. Register to take this 6-class course.

Wednesday, September 21 @5 pm
Animal Health Library, Fall 2022 Art Exhibit
WSU Pullman

A collection of equine photographs by local photographer Shaundra Baumwart will be on display as part of the fall 2022 “Art in the Library” exhibit in the Animal Health Library.

The opening reception is from 5-6 p.m. Wednesday, September 21.

The twice-yearly “Art in the Library” exhibit features animal-themed works,…

Monday, September 26 @4:10 pm
Chemistry Departmental Seminar — Prof. Karah Knope, Georgetown University
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman

Structural chemistry has played an important role in our understanding of the chemical and physical behavior of the heavy elements. Yet our understanding of the chemistry, bonding, and reactivity of actinide complexes and clusters still lags behind that of the rest of the Periodic Table. This lack of structural and chemical information has led to large discrepancies in thermodynamic data, significant challenges in process chemistry, and the unexpected mobility of heavy elements in the environment.