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Monday, July 27 All day
GIESO is recruiting!
WSU Pullman

The President’s Commission on Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation (GIESO) is enthusiastically accepting applications and nominations for new members from all WSU campuses.

Wednesday, August 12 @11:10 am
Panopto (Master Session)
Workshop / Seminar

Want to connect your Panopto quizzes to the Blackboard grade book?

Wednesday, August 12 @3:30 pm
Pullman Farmers Market
WSU Pullman

The Pullman Farmers Market returns for its 12th season to offer the community a mid-week farmers market. Washington State’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order lists farmers markets as essential businesses allowing the Pullman Farmers Market and its vendors to operate and provide access to fresh food, personal hygiene products and more.

Wednesday, August 12 @5:30 pm
WSU Student Town Hall
WSU Pullman

All students of the WSU community are invited to attend a Student Virtual Town Hall.

Thursday, August 13 @11:10 am
Zoom (Master Session)
Workshop / Seminar

Zoom allows users to communicate through webcam/microphones, chat, and screen sharing.

Friday, August 14 @11:10 am
Blackboard Learn Basics
Workshop / Seminar

This training will provide a review of the Blackboard LMS and unveil the possibilities of its usage.