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Wednesday, April 3 @2 pm
Perusall: Ensure your students are reading
WSU Everett - Spark

Use this tool to proactively engage students in reading and provide a focus of conversation with automatically graded annotations. This platform allows students to make comments, ask questions, and interact with peers in a quick and scalable way that allows misconceptions about the reading (or other media) to be easily identified. This tool is also a strong candidate for a flipped classroom.

Thursday, April 4 @4:10 pm
Colloquium: Physics & Astronomy – Dr. Stan Whitcomb
WSU Pullman - Webster Physical Science Building

The Department of Physics and Astronomy and The OSA-SPIE Student Chapter invites all to a colloquium featuring Dr. Stan Whitcomb, LIGO Laboratory.

Thursday, April 4 @5 pm
CougTalks: Overcome Series
WSU Pullman - Bryan Hall

Join the conversation with Caitlin Bletscher with “Overcoming Boundaries, Thinking Globally, Acting Locally” and seeing past our communal actions and how they impact the world!

Monday, April 8 @4:10 pm
Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Graduate Seminar Series
WSU Pullman - Spark

Olivia earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2017 from Washington State University. She began undergraduate research as a sophomore, focusing on developing a miniaturized pyrolysis and gasification reactor to demonstrate biomass conversion principles in undergraduate classrooms. She traveled to Accra, Ghana in 2015 with her research team to…

Tuesday, April 9 @3 pm
Roundtable: Latino-Iberian Leadership: Milestones and Pitfalls
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

Would you like to share and get to know successful Latin-Americans professionals that reached a leadership position at their workplace, what were their strengths, their pitfalls and how they overcame them?

Wednesday, April 10 @3 pm
Community of Practice
WSU Everett - Spark

Community of Practice meetings provide faculty an opportunity to share and discuss their teaching experiences and ideas with their peers.

Monday, April 15 @2 pm
Ally Training
WSU Pullman - Chinook

Ally Training is a broad presentation on how to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans* individuals.

Monday, April 15 @5:30 pm
De-Escalation Training
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

Understanding when to walk away from provocation is a vital element for successfully deescalating otherwise volatile events.

Tuesday, April 16 @3:30 pm
Building Coalitions Across Divides Workshop
WSU Pullman - Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center

We live in a time of great divides where the tensions and dynamics within today’s culture require us to build more bridges and fewer walls.

Wednesday, April 17 @9 am
Strategies for Enhancing Student Success IV
WSU Everett - Spark

This series will explore active learning methods shown to result in greater learning achievement while also reducing drop, withdrawal, and failure rates.

Wednesday, April 17 @5:30 pm
Anonymity on the Web Tech Talk
WSU Pullman - Sloan Hall

Erik Ostrom, System Administrator for the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture’s Information Security Group, dives into what it takes to protect your privacy online.

Thursday, April 18 @4:10 pm
Colloquium: Physics & Astronomy – Dr. H. Philip Stahl
WSU Pullman - Webster Physical Science Building

The Department of Physics and Astronomy invites all to a colloquium featuring Dr. H. Philip Stahl, Space Optics Manufacturing Technology Center; NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Friday, April 19 @3 pm
Lying to Myself with Ryan Leaf-Livestream
WSU Global Campus - Online

Join us online for Lying to Myself with Ryan Leaf. Ryan Leaf is a former Coug and NFL football player who will be speaking about his journey towards self-discovery.