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Friday, March 3 @4 pm
Center for Arts and Humanities — Seminar Series for First-Generation Graduate Students
Pullman - Avery Hall

CAH has organized a seminar series to support first-generation graduate students at WSU. The objective of this series is to provide first-gen grad students with a space where they can share the challenges that they are facing in graduate school. In addition, these meetings will help the first-gen students from various departments at WSU build a community across disciplines.

Monday, March 6 @4:10 pm
Chemistry Departmental Seminar – Prof. Brian A. Powell
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

Speaker: Prof. Brian A. Powell, Fjeld Professor in Nuclear Environmental Engineering and Science, Clemson University

Title: Understanding tetravalent actinide oxide formation, stability, and dissolution under far field environmental conditions

Abstract: Comprehensive thermodynamic understanding of nuclear materials is paramount for long-term management of legacy nuclear waste and commercial spent nuclear fuel. …

Wednesday, March 8 @12 pm
Startup Advisor: Raising a Round of Funding
Online - Online

Shorten the fundraising learning curve with Startup Advisor Richard Repp. Early-stage startups often raise their first round of funding with their family and friends, but soon find they need additional funds. Knowing which funding types are the right fit and how to pursue them is key to advancing to the next stage of business development.

Thursday, March 9 @12 pm
BPC Bites 5 – Appearance of Deliverables
WSU Pullman - Commons Student Center

Shine up your draft 1-page executive summary for the WSU Business Plan Competition. Gain tips for submitting a visually appealing 1-page executive summary to the WSU Business Plan Competition. Get help from industry experts and entrepreneurship faculty.

Friday, March 10 @4:10 pm
Physical Chemistry Seminar – Peter Jensen, Chemistry Graduate Student
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

Speaker: Peter Jensen, chemistry graduate student

Group: Guo/Moreau

Title: Structure and Thermal Properties of Lanthanide Doped UO2

Abstract: Fission reactions in UO2 generate rich chemistry and complex structures within its fluorite matrix. Lanthanides (Ln), as one of the dominating fission products, are able to be incorporated into the UO2 structure,…

Monday, March 20 @4:10 pm
Chemistry Departmental Seminar – Prof. Takashi Tsukamoto
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

Speaker: Prof. Takashi Tsukamoto, Medicinal Chemistry, Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Program, Associate Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Discovery of ASTX727 (INQOVI®), an oral combination of decitabine and cedazuridine for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes

Friday, March 24 @5 pm
WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Spring Conference 2023
WSU Pullman - Bustad Hall

Join us in person for our annual weekend Veterinary Spring Conference. There will be a large and small animal track and a track for technicians & assistants. We encourage veterinarians, technicians, and assistants to attend.
This program offers 12 hours of continuing education credit.
The conference begins Friday afternoon with the Bustad Distinguished Lecture.

Saturday, March 25 @10 am
Kids’ Science and Engineering Day
Pullman - Sloan Hall

KSED offers students in grades K-5 the opportunity to learn basic science and engineering principles through fun, hands-on activities. We partner with various organizations across WSU to provide engaging activities to teach science and engineering concepts. The WSU students are excited to teach your kids about science and engineering!

Tuesday, March 28 @12:30 pm
Organic Chemistry Seminar – Aaron Hendricksen, Chemistry Graduate Student
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

Adjuvant additives significantly increase vaccine efficacy. However, adjuvants also cause inflammatory side-effects, such as pyrexia, which currently limits their use. To address this, we created a thermophobic vaccine adjuvant engineered to attenuate potency at temperatures correlating to pyrexia. Thermophobic adjuvants were synthesized by combining a rationally designed trehalose glycolipid CLR agonist with thermoresponsive poly-N-isoporpylacrylamide (NIPAM) via Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain-Transfer polymerization.

Friday, March 31 @8:10 am
Tips for effectively teaching during your clinical day.
WSU Pullman - Veterinary Teaching Hospital

WORKSHOP – How’s your day going? Tips for effectively teaching during your clinical day.
This in-person workshop will address the fundamentals of effective clinical teaching