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Monday, June 3 @12 pm
Webinar: For Our Lives: Addressing the opioid crisis in American Indian/Alaska Native communities.
WSU Everett - Online

For Our Lives and WA Tribal Opioid Solutions are designed to inform and educate Tribal communities and American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) people about strengths-based approaches to responding to the opioid public health crisis. This campaign is developed by Desautel Hege in partnership with Tribes and Urban Indian organizations and is funded by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA).

Wednesday, June 5 @3 pm
Applying Assessment Trends and Tools to Tell the Story of Student Affairs
WSU Pullman

The co-chairs of NASPA’s Assessment, Evaluation & Research Knowledge Community will share trends in student affairs assessment and discuss strategies to better inform improvements as well as evidence of the impact of student affairs on higher education.

Thursday, June 6 @9 am
Leading through Change in Connecting Living-learning Communities to Institutional Student Success & Persistence Priorities
WSU Pullman

Institutions have long embraced living-learning community programs for their positive outcomes, such as the value-added social and psychological benefits that students receive from participating in them. As institutional fiscal and human resources are stretched now more than ever before, leaders must connect these experiences to institutional student success and persistence priorities.

Monday, June 10 @2 pm
Using cocurricular data to predict and enhance student success metrics
WSU Pullman

Predictive analytics models can be used to assist colleges and universities in meeting their strategic goals. Often, the focus of such models is on student academic and demographic data, but some of the most impactful experiences are co-curricular.

Thursday, June 13 @1 pm
Anti-Racist Leadership in Practice
WSU Pullman

During moments of crisis caused by racism, many leaders – who oftentimes hold privileged and oppressor identities – face competing pressures to condemn racism and reiterate institutional values to create an inclusive community while continuing to please their donors who may disagree with addressing racism.

Monday, June 17 @11 am
Emerging Practices and Strategies for Holistic Advising and Equitable Student Supports
WSU Pullman

The Advising Success Network has created a tool to complement existing self-assessments and highlight emerging and evidence-based practices from HBCUs, HSIs, TCUs, Community Colleges, and other institutions that serve the ASN’s priority student populations: Black, Latinx/a/o, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and poverty-affected students.

Tuesday, June 18 @11 am
Amplifying Voices: Students Role in Advocating for Health Equity
WSU Pullman

Achieving health equity at a college campus requires a collective effort, and students’ voices should be heard during this movement. This presentation will discuss the formation of a student organization, “Student Advocates for Well-being”. In this session, presenters will explore how this group of students raised awareness, held focus groups, and are writing a White Paper to address these student concerns.

Tuesday, June 18 @12:10 pm
Exploring Ways to Enhance Inclusive Student Management
WSU Pullman - Animal Disease Biotech Facility (ADBF)

Summer Teaching Tool Kit Series: Mini workshops are open to faculty, residents, and graduate students from the College of Veterinary Medicine and across the WSU.

Thursday, June 20 @9 am
What is Missing in Persistence Models? Integrating Basic Needs and Belongingness
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

Retention models share common elements such as student characteristics, institutional experiences, and academic and social integration. However, few specifically – basic needs (e.g., food, housing, transportation) and – belonging are essential components of student success.

Tuesday, June 25 @10 am
Appreciative Mentoring: Supporting New Student Affairs Professionals in a World in Flux
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

Mentoring has long been viewed as an important avenue for supporting new professionals in student affairs. As higher education institutions experience significant challenges with recruitment and retention in student-facing positions, support for professional development is even more pressing.

Wednesday, June 26 @12:10 pm
Enhance Your Teaching with GenAI Tools
Online - Animal Disease Biotech Facility (ADBF)

Summer Teaching Tool Kit Series: Mini workshops are open to faculty, residents, and graduate students from the College of Veterinary Medicine and across the WSU.