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Wednesday, March 8 @11 am
Arts & Sciences 3 Minute Thesis Challenge
WSU Pullman - Spark

A great opportunity to learn about fascinating & important research! A short list of PhD students in the arts & sciences will compete to explain their doctoral research and its significance in just three minutes and in terms just about anybody can understand.

Tuesday, March 21 @11 am
ESIC SP23 Power Seminar Series: Realistic Learning in Power Grids: A Physics-Informed Machine Learning Prospective by Dr. Deepjyoti Deka
WSU Pullman - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building

Distribution Grids provide the final tier in the transfer of electricity from generators to the end consumers. In recent years, smart controllable devices, residential generator/storage devices and distribution grid meters have expanded the availability of sensor data in distribution networks. Unveiling feeder topologies from data is of paramount importance to advance situational awareness and proper utilization of smart resources in power distribution grids. This talk summarizes recent works on topology identification for power distribution grids, under different regimes of measurement observability, using conservation laws of power-flow physics and structural properties of feeders.

Monday, March 27 @10:30 am
Towards Situation-Aware Resilient Power Grids for Massive Renewable Energy Integration presented by Dr. Yuzhang Lin, University of Massachusetts
WSU Pullman - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building

The operation of modern power grids is increasingly challenged by the massive integration of volatile renewable energy as well as high-impact events such as natural disasters and cyber-attacks. The conventional rule-based operational paradigm is no longer a viable solution, and real-time situational awareness must be obtained from massive and heterogeneous sensor data streams to support intelligent decision-making and control. This talk will address two main pillars of the situational awareness required by a resilient and renewable power grid of the future.

Tuesday, March 28 @11 am
AGI SP23 Power Seminar Series: Transactive Energy: Incentive-based Coordination Strategies for Enabling DERs to Provide Grid Services by Dr. Monish Mukherjee, PNNL
WSU Pullman - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building

The electricity landscape is undergoing significant changes due to the proliferation of distributed energy resources, and increasingly smart consumers (prosumers), proactively managing their local consumption and generation – through intelligent devices like smart thermostats, solar panels, and batteries energy storage systems. Recent advances in information & communication technologies, and smart metering, provides strategic opportunities for prosumers to reform their conventional energy practices towards more consumer-centric economies.

Friday, March 31 @10:30 am
EECS Power Faculty Candidate Seminar: Wildfire Risk Mitigation and Data-driven Methods for Electric Power Systems by Dr. Alyssa Kody, Argonne National Lab
WSU Pullman - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building

The electric power grid of the future faces many challenges including rapidly increasing quantities of renewable generation and growing threats from extreme weather events, which necessitate the development of new computational tools. The first part of this talk will focus on one extreme weather event: elevated wildfire ignition risk. Wildfire risk mitigation is a critical consideration in regions like the Western United States, where, historically, electric power systems have ignited some of the most destructive wildfires.