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Monday, January 14 @7 pm
Paul Rucker Lecture-Livestream

Paul Rucker is a visual artist, composer, and musician who combines media, often integrating live performance, sound, original compositions, and visual art.

Wednesday, January 23 @7 pm
Behind Happy Faces with Ross Szabo
Workshop / Seminar

Guest speaker and mental health advocate Ross Szabo presents “Behind Happy Faces”.

Understand and take charge of your mental health!

Wednesday, January 30 @6 pm
The History of Outdoor Recreation Leadership & Education Webinar
Workshop / Seminar

From the early days of Kurt Hahn’s Outward Bound program in the early 1940’s, whose goal it was to increase the survival chances of young sailors, to the modern experiential education movement, we’ll outline the progression through the important people and organizations that championed this industry.