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Wednesday, September 12 @6 pm
Doing research as a Global Campus student
Workshop / Seminar

How can Global Campus students participate in, and reap benefits from, research (which includes scholarly and creative activities)?

Monday, September 17 @6 pm
Town Halls 2018: Global Campus

Ramping Up Our Drive to 25, and Answers to Your Questions

Faculty, staff and students from Global Campus are invited to learn about and discuss the university’s priorities with President Kirk Schulz and Provost Dan Bernardo.

Among the topics to be discussed: the Drive to 25, university accomplishments and priorities,…

Wednesday, September 19 @6:30 pm
Build a strong core at home livestream
Exercise / Fitness

A strong core is vital to success in athletic performance as well as everyday life. These muscles need to be strong, flexible, and stable.

Tuesday, September 25 @6:30 pm
Career Services for Global Campus students
Careers / Jobs

Join Global Campus Career Counselor Chris Miller for a webinar that will demonstrate the career resources and services available to Global Campus students.