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Wednesday, May 17 @4 pm
Introduction to SP3NW WSU’s Business Incubator
Workshop / Seminar
WSU System-wide

SP3NW is WSU’s membership-based incubator providing wrap-around support to startup companies developing scalable technologies. We advise individuals who either have their own intellectual property (IP) and are looking to license their WSU IP from the Office of Commercialization. We invite you learn more at a 30-minute virtual orientation Wednesday, May 17!

Thursday, May 18 @12 pm
Transforming Educational Design: The Experience and Stories of Harvard Medical School’s Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship

The longitudinal integrated clerkship (LIC) model is grounded in principles derived from the sciences of learning–social and cognitive psychology, general education, and medical education. The structure has proved transferable across institutions and contexts and is informing clinical education transformation nationwide and worldwide. This session reviews the case for change and rationale that drove the wholesale redesign of the clinical year from traditional blocks to LICs.