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3rd annual WSU Plant Science Symposium

Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center, 405 SE Spokane Street, Pullman, WA
Register for free online!

About the event

Foundations for the Future: Embracing New Agricultural Technology

Are you interested in learning about new agricultural technologies and how they will impact food production? Looking for a way to network with other plant scientists? Want to hone your communication and presentation skills? Join us for our plant science symposium, a member of the Pioneer Plant Science Symposium series.

Feeding the future depends on innovation in agriculture, including new technology, diverse crops, and improvement to classic methods.

The event will be held in the WSU Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center. Registration is FREE! and includes snacks, lunch and drinks tickets for a social mixer. There will be a poster session and we will hear about the most current and exciting research in agriculture from 6 fantastic speakers!


Nolan Scheible