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Boeing-WSU Speaker Series – Commander’s intent and leading in a complex world

Virtual Session

About the event

The topic for our third Boeing Speaking Series is Commander’s Intent and Leading in a Complex World.

Speaker Bio:
Steve Holt is a Socio-Technical Systems Engineer and Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing. He has a special interest in how to lead large scale, complex projects and why success requires both technology and people. He is a member of the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization and learned Theory of Constraints from WSU.

Complex products and complex business relationships can’t be entirely planned in advance. There will always be uncertainty and emergent, unplanned events. One way to deal with that is to get better and better at collecting data and filtering it up to decision makers. Another is to create a system in which local groups can act independently towards an aligned goal. Starting with Frederick Winslow Taylor, much of business chose to go the first path. But, military units had already started going in the second. This presentation will talk about how that happened and why the model that the military created is often going to be a better solution for today’s complex products and business relationships.

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