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DGPCAH-CDSC Summer Reading Group: Anti-Oppressive Digital Humanities


About the event

DGPCAH-CDSC Summer Reading Group: Anti-Oppressive Digital Humanities

The David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities (DGPCAH) and the Center for Digital Curation and Scholarship (CDSC) invite you to the DGPCAH-CDSC Summer Reading Group: “Anti-Oppressive Digital Humanities.” The reading group will be facilitated by Nazua Idris, PhD Candidate in Literary Studies and HASTAC Scholars Fellow for 2023-2025.

This reading group is open to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff members whose research and creative practices explore the intersections of Arts/Humanities and Science/Technology. People who are interested in learning about the social- and racial-justice-oriented trends in Digital Humanities are also welcome to join this group. The group will meet 4 times between June and August via Zoom to discuss the books (listed below). The goal will be to discuss these books and possibly organize a roundtable/colloquium at WSU in Fall 2024 to present our findings.

The books that will be discussed are:

1. Unmasking AI: My Mission to Protect What Is Human in a World of Machines (2023) by Joy Buolamwini
2. South Asian Digital Humanities: Postcolonial Mediations Across Technology’s Cultural Canon (2021) by Roopika Risam and Rahul K. Gairola (Editors)
3. The Digital Black Atlantic (2021) by Roopika Risam and Kelly Baker Josephs (Editors)
4. Reading of your choice (you can either pick one of the following books or you can bring a DH book or article that inspires you and discuss it)

a. Multilingual Digital Humanities (2024) by Lorella Viola and Paul Spence (Editors)

b. Debates in the Digital Humanities (2023) by Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein (Editors)
c. Global Debates in the Digital Humanities (2022) by Domenico Fiormonte, Sukanta Chaudhuri, and Paola Ricaurte (Editors)
d. Intersectionality in Digital Humanities (2019) by Barbara Bordalejo and Roopika Risam (Editors)

Tentative Schedule: Monday, June 3 (10-11:30 am); Monday, June 24 (10-11:30 am); Monday, July 15 (10-11:30 am); and Monday, August 5 (10-11:30 am)

If you are interested, please use this FORM to register. The deadline for registration is on Friday, April 26, 2024, and you will be notified about the details of the reading group during the first week of May 2024.  Thank you very much!