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EECS Lunch and Learn with Industry: Transitioning from College to the Workplace – What it was Like for Me by Emma Clawson, SEL, Inc.


About the event

Transitioning from College to the Workplace – What it was Like for Me
by Emma Clawson, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Emma Clawson will share some of her last year experiences transitioning from college to an internship and then to a full-time position as an engineer. She will also describe things that were big surprises for her going from school to work. Emma will explain what she does as an engineer and how working on a team in the workplace differs from working on a team in college.

Emma Clawson is an Associate Power Engineer at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. She grew up in Pullman, Washington and graduated from WSU with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

In addition to being an engineer, Emma enjoys playing piano and guitar, reading, gardening, playing with her younger siblings, hiking, and being outdoors.

Series Purpose:
It has been said one should never let a crisis go to waste, because it can be an opportunity to try new things that may not have been possible before. And, with the temporary transition to online learning, we have a new means for industry to connect with students at WSU.

The purpose of this speaking series is for high-tech companies to share insight with EECS students and give time for Q&A.

Example topics will include career experiences, how to succeed in industry, what to expect with your first job, interviewing advice, along with technology discussions and trends.

The series is brought to you by the WSU EECS Executive Council. We are engineers, managers, and executives that help advise the WSU EECS program so what you learn at school matches the skills and values needed for a successful career.