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Conference / Symposium

Engagement by Design: Strategies for building a successful co-curricular model

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About the event

Virtual NASPA Session 2024

Rayshawn Eastman, Associate Vice President for Student Engagement
Wilmington College

Co-curricular activities are crucial to students’ overall development and success, providing opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and experiences outside of the traditional academic curriculum. The presenters will discuss the importance of student engagement in co-curricular programming and its role in supporting student success. Presenters will delve into proven strategies and practices for designing and implementing a successful co-curricular program based on existing programs created by the presenters.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand key theoretical foundations such as Astin’s developmental theory of student involvement and Kuh et al.’s factors contributing to student success in college.
Understand key elements to design and implement a successful institution-wide co-curricular model.

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