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ESIC Seminar Series – Continuous-Time Scheduling & Pricing Models for Enhancing the Flexibility of Power Systems

Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory (ETRL), Pullman, WA
ETRL 101
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About the event


This presentation introduces a set of emerging continuous-time optimization models for scheduling and pricing of flexible resources (fast generation, energy storage and flexible loads) in power systems operation. The continuous-time models represent a different approach for sampling the information and decision variables in power system operation and enables capturing more accurately the essential information available about the evolution of load and renewable resources in time, while revealing the potential flexibility of the resources that significant enhance the operational efficiency and flexibility of power systems.

Dr. Masood Parvania is currently the Director of Utah Smart Energy Lab (U-Smart) and Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah. His current research, funded by NSF, DOE, ONR and power industry looks at developing novel control and optimization models for enhancing the operational flexibility and cyber-physical resilience of power and energy systems. Dr. Parvania serves as Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, the IEEE Power Engineering Letters, and the IET Renewable Power Generation. He is the Chair of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Utah Chapter, Chair of the IEEE PES Task Force on Reliability Impacts of Demand Response Integration, vice-chair of the IEEE PES Bulk Power System Operation Subcommittee, and vice-chair of the IEEE PES Reliability, Risk and Probability Application (RRPA) Subcommittee.