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Green Coug Awards

Compton Union Building
President Schulz, VP Stacy Pearson, ASWSU President Savannah Rogers, GPSA President Amir Gilmore, and CEREO Director Jan Boll will be presenting the first annual Green Coug Awards at 12:15 during the WSU Sustainability Fair.
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Please come and congratulate the recipients of the first annual Green Coug Awards during the WSU Sustainability Fair.

About the event

These awards take the time to appreciate the hard work that you do to maintain a clean and healthy campus for the students of today and tomorrow. Green Cougs are always innovating to make our campuses more environmentally sustainable. Improvements can come in the form of a program, a system change, or an event. The individual or group shows environmental sustainability through: Leadership, Initiative, Dedication, Service, and Inspiration.

Green Coug Awards are sponsored by WSU Sustainability Office and the Sustainability and the Environment Committee (SEC). 2019 is the first year for the awards and will establish a solid foundation for the future of the Green Coug Award.