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Happy 70th Birthday to the CUB

Compton Union Building
Whiteboards behind the Big Screen in the CUB Lair, 1st floor.
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About the event

Happy 70th birthday to the CUB!

September 15 marks 70 years of the CUB serving students!

  • Bring your art skills and write or draw an amazing birthday wish for the CUB!
  • Enjoy FREE Cake, available while supplies last.

The CUB opened on September 15, 1952, and was originally a three-story building. The CUB was remodeled in 1957, and in 1967-68 with a major addition, and again in 2006-08. In the past, the CUB housed a campus bowling alley, video games, a post office, and a florist. Today, the CUB houses dining options, the campus bookstore (The Bookie), student clubs, and much more.