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Conference / Symposium

Immunology Symposium in Honor of Bill C. Davis

Compton Union Building
M.G. Carey CUB Senior Ballroom This event will be live-streamed and available across WSU campuses.
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About the event

Applications of monoclonal antibodies: Gaps and usage


Dr. William C. Davis outside the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Celebrate Dr. Bill Davis’s illustrious career and the contributions of the Washington State University (WSU) Monoclonal Antibody Center to the veterinary immunology field.

Bill conceived the WSU Monoclonal Antibody Center in 1979, and the Center has since provided necessary immune reagents to scientists in the fields of veterinary immunology and infectious diseases.

The symposium will be held on Monday, May 22, 2023, on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman, WA, followed by a dinner in Bill’s honor. There will also be a follow-up workshop on May 23 to develop a white paper to map the way forward for preserving monoclonal antibody reagents of veterinary immunology interest, and addressing the needs and future of Bill’s Center. You can choose to attend the events that best suit your schedule/interests.

Registration for the event is open through the day of while registration for the banquet will close after May 15.

See event website for schedule, accommodations, and registration information.

Feel free to invite others who may be interested. 



Audrey Hoffman