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Job Opportunities for English Majors

Avery Hall
Bundy Reading Room
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Free and open to the public

About the event

John DeTurk, Job Opportunities for English Majors

Lunch provided

John DeTurk’s career has taken many turns since he received a B.A. in English in 1988, and he’s exciting about talking to majors about how his degree has been integral to his success. He’s worked as an English conversation teacher, banker, and project manager. He currently serves as Associate Director for MSAT Shipping Validation for Pfizer in Seattle. He’s also a Consultant for DeTurk Consulting, helping clients improve business processes related to Supply Chain/Logistics, Business Continuity/Emergency Management and general operations. He’s completed a project management assignment for a Greater Seattle Area biotech startup in their Supply Chain organization. He worked with a California-based company on business continuity, emergency and crisis management plans.