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Conference / Symposium

Knowing Our Students

Compton Union Building
CUB, Room 204
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About the event

Virtual NASPA Session 2024

Paula Pitcher, Director, Holistic Student Supports
Paula Tailey, Executive Director, Program Development

We have learned students are not one-dimensional. There is no longer a singular definition of a “typical” student, with the enrollment of diverse student populations steadily increasing. Student identities have evolved beyond the previously perceived “traditional” norms. The guidebook titled “Knowing Our Students: Understanding & Designing for Success” offers valuable resources for colleges to identify and comprehend the unique characteristics of their student body. Originally published in 2021, the updated edition of the guidebook, released in 2023 by Achieving the Dream and Advising Success Network, serves as an essential tool for institutional leaders and student success teams. It encourages a fresh dialogue about the student population and provides practical strategies derived from national experts and peer institutions. The guidebook imparts the latest knowledge, real-world examples, and effective tools on:

Gaining a profound understanding of students
Identifying relevant and useful data points
Employing data effectively to enhance student success
Anticipating and addressing potential challenges
Implementing strategies to overcome these challenges
Learning Outcomes:
Understand the Knowing Our Student Guide Concepts
Articulate the Importance of the Student Journey
Understand the importance of the Student Voice.
Outline the Student Experience


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