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Film Screening

Palouse French Film Festival — L’Innocent

Off Campus
Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre | 508 S. Main Street - Moscow, Idaho
Tickets $5 per film or $12 for a festival pass; free admission for students Learn more

About the event

This is the first film of the festival!

L’Innocent  /  The Innocent
Directed by Louis Garrel
Comedy/Crime  –  100 mins. (2022)

Lyon, present day. When widowed marine biologist Abel (Louis Garrel) learns that his impulsive mum Sylvie (Anouk Grinberg) is once again remarrying this time to an inmate she met whilst teaching theatre in prison, he’s much more than uncomfortable. Doubting that convicted burglar Michel (Roschdy Zem) is capable of turning over a new leaf, Abel’s protective streak kicks in, and so with the help of his best friend Clémence (a sensational Noémie Merlant), he begins tailing his new stepfather’s movements. Their amateur sleuthing is quickly uncovered by Michel and triggers an unlikely and bold business proposition for them both…. Rotten Tomatoes