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Conference / Symposium

Philosophy Forum: “The Frankfurt-Style Cases: Extinguishing the Flickers of Freedom”

Bryan Hall
Room 305
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About the event

John M. Fischer, distinguished professor of philosophy at University of California, Riverside, and Harry Silverstein, professor emeritus of philosophy at WSU, present  “The Frankfurt-Style Cases: Extinguishing the Flickers of Freedom.” It’s the last of three events connected with the 2019 Frank Fraser Potter Lecture in Philosophy April 4-5 at WSU Pullman.

Fischer is the world’s foremost philosopher on free will, moral responsibility, the meaning of life, and the metaphysics of death. His approach to responsibility is widely cited by leading scholars of criminal law and has contributed to psychiatric understanding of mental illness. He is principal investigator for the international Immortality Project, a collaborative philosophical, scientific, and theological exploration of questions related to immortality.

Silverstein is a leading voice in the philosophy of free will, moral responsibility, and death and immortality. He has published widely and continues to make valuable contributions to the University’s intellectual and scholastic community. Silverstein is a frequent collaborator and correspondent with Fischer, who will deliver the Potter Lecture at 7:00 p.m. April 4 in the Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE) 203. Silverstein also will present a Foley Talk, “Responsibility and Avoidability” on April 4 at noon in Bryan Hall 308.