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Potter Memorial Lecture

Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE), NE Troy Lane, Pullman, WA 99164
CUE room 203
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About the event

Thinking about Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic: Conceptual and Ethical Issues” by Roberta Millstein, Professor Emerit UC Davis

Leopold was a 20th century forester, wildlife manager, ecologist, conservationist, and professor who outlined the land ethic, a view that has been widely discussed by environmental ethicists as well as historians and conservation biologists. However, the existing literature on the land ethic overlooks a number of important issues of Leopold’s concepts.

About the speaker

Roberta L. Millstein, a leading thinker in the philosophy of ecology and evolution as well as environmental ethics will discuss concepts including addressing what Leopold meant by land community, by interdependence, and by stability and land health, all of which are essential for understanding his land ethic.


The Frank Fraser Potter Memorial Lecture in Philosophy is followed by a Foley Institute talk Thursday, October 12th at 12pm in Bryan Hall room 308.