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Conference / Symposium

Preparing for Tough Conversations and How to Get the Best Out of Your Team

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About the event

Virtual NASPA Session 2024

Dr. Timothy Alvarez, President Emeritus
Otero College

Since COVID forced us to work virtually and remotely, it magnified the feeling of disconnection, which created a more significant sense of loneliness. Further, it exposed weaknesses in our systems and strain on interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal conflict is inevitable in the workplace, and now that we are returning to more face-to-face interactions, conflict can also be the most challenging part of a leader’s responsibilities and can translate into poor performance and, worse, employee turnover.

Learn how avoiding difficult conversations can create a divisive work environment and pit staff against each other. If we shift our mindset toward honest, deliberated, and compassionate interactions, there is hope to develop a more civil and caring work environment. Dr. Alvarez will offer practical approaches derived from such authors as Marcus Buckingham, Taya Cohen, Brene Brown, Daniel Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, and Claude Steele.

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