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Conference / Symposium

Rage Against the Machine: Ethical Usage of AI in Advising Curricula to Enhance the Student Experience

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About the event

Virtual NASPA Session 2024

Alexandra Karlesses, Assistant Director of Career Development

According to a 2023 NACE poll, more than 40% of career services professionals reported using artificial intelligence for work tasks over the last year, but fewer than half reported using it with students. The presenters will educate how advising professionals can implement AI into their discussions with students. In the wake of this new technology, There is now an opportunity to responsibly leverage its benefits in order to educate ourselves on its possibilities and to advise students in a more impactful and profound way.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand the impact of AI in higher education and its larger implications through moderated discussion.
Discuss the ethics of AI and appropriate usage, and be able to facilitate these discussions with their students.
Understand and add to the opportunities for innovation that AI can provide in student career education through interactive discussion and pair-and-share activities.

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