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Rear Admiral Tilbrook Leaders in Industry Talk

Carpenter Hall
Carpenter 102
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About the event

“Beyond the Horizon: Exploring Technology in Navy Innovation” Embark on an inspiring journey into the realms of Navy innovation with an exclusive “Leaders in Industry” all-campus lecture by Rear Admiral Nicholas Tilbrook, commander of Submarine Group Nine. Join us for an exploration of the technologies that power our nation’s submarines at Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor in Washington State. This engaging session promises a captivating insight into the cutting-edge systems and engineering that define the Navy’s commitment to innovation. Participants will delve into the diverse array of history, science, spanning technology, and research that has led the Nation’s submarines to where they are today. Discover how your unique skills and expertise can contribute to shaping the future of naval operations. Rear Admiral Tilbrook will providing a firsthand glimpse into the innovative spirit that propels Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor to the forefront of technological advancement. Whether you’re a STEM enthusiast, a creative thinker, or a strategic planner, this event will illuminate the ingenuity that powers America’s Navy. Learn about the application process, network with naval professionals, and gain valuable insights into the world of Navy innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to go “Beyond the Horizon” and explore the engineering marvels that reside at Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor. Join Rear Admiral Tilbrook for an afternoon of discovery and inspiration.


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