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Service Project: Recover Lentil Chili from the National Lentil Festival

Compton Union Building
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About the event

The National Lentil Festival, which runs August 16-17th in Pullman, hosts the World’s Largest Bowl of Lentil Chili; over 350 gallons of tasty and nutritious chili. Free samples of the chili are given out, but where does the leftover chili go? For the last three years, the WSU Center for Civic Engagement has partnered with the Community Action Center (CAC) and the Pullman Chamber of Commerce to ensure that leftover chili goes to individuals in need. Chili that is recovered will be given out during the CAC’s weekly food pantry.

Opportunity Description: Students will assist in packaging and delivering leftover chili from the World’s Largest Bowl of Lentil Chili to the CAC’s commercial kitchen. The following day WSU students will have the opportunity to repackage the chili into family-sized portions during a Saturday service project. In 2018, 895 pounds (approx. 3500 servings) of lentil chili was recovered from the event! If you want to participate, you must register on GivePulse here:


Center for Civic Engagement - Ryan Lazo
(509) 335-0687