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Stanford professor Greg Walton lecturing on student success

Compton Union Building
Junior Ballroom
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About the event

Greg Walton, an associate professor of psychology at Stanford University, will deliver a keynote lecture entitled, “Psychologically ‘Wise’ Interventions to Bolster Belonging and Reduce Inequality in College,” in the CUB Jr. Ballroom and via AMS at other WSU locations.

Walton’s research investigates psychological processes that contribute to major social problems and how “wise” interventions that target these processes can address such problems and help people flourish. His research has informed the work of the faculty and staff involved in WSU’s Transformational Change Initiative.

Faculty, academic advisors, and staff that work with students are encouraged to attend the event. Walton’s 45‑minute presentation will be followed by a 30‑minute question and answer session.

Walton will also meet with interested faculty to address “Workshopping Classroom Interventions” on Friday at 2 p.m. in CUE 518 and via livestream.

Please RSVP for one or both events, as seating is limited.


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