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Sustainability Fair

Compton Union Building
The Green Coug Awards will be presented by President Schulz, VP Stacy Pearson, ASWSU President Savannah Rogers, GPSA President Amir Gilmore, and CEREO Director Jan Boll at 12:15.  There will be refreshments available.
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Please come to the Sustainability Fair and learn about how WSU is supporting sustainability through operations, research, and student engagement. Free refreshments.

About the event

The WSU Sustainability Fair is a way for WSU faculty, staff, and students and companies to promote and share sustainability focused research, projects, services, and products within the WSU community.  It allows for the dissemination of new information while fostering new partnerships and building relationships across the sustainability focused community.  It is a place to showcase innovation leading to improved environmentally friendly practices.  Also, winners of the 2019 Green Coug Awards will be announced.