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Wednesday, September 21 @4:30 pm
Boost Up With Boeing: Hiring Event
Careers / Jobs
Online - Spark

Boost up with Boeing hiring event & next day resume review and mock interviews.

Thursday, September 22 @12 pm
Lunch and Learn — Family Office
WSU Pullman - Commons Student Center

Finance students interested in wealth management and entrepreneurship students interested in raising capital join us for a Lunch and Learn with Skye Henderson from the Cowles Company and Blake Yaccino from CEAS Investments.

Thursday, September 22 @6 pm
WSU Jones Milestone Accelerator Pitch Demo
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

Get ready for the big event that culminates our 2022 Jones Milestone Accelerator program and gives you the chance to meet the young entrepreneurs with tomorrow’s game-changing startups. Join the WSU Center for Entrepreneurship and hear these entrepreneurs pitch their companies, get feedback from investors, and win prize money!

Tuesday, September 27 @8 am
Carson College of Business — Power Breakfast
Off Campus

“When a Link Breaks: Reshaping Supply Chains” will be the topic of the semi-annual Power Breakfast, a networking event hosted by the Carson College of Business.

Wednesday, September 28 @5 pm
Slalom’s Practical Guide to Launching Your Career
Careers / Jobs
Online - Spark

This fun one-hour workshop is designed to help students connect their college experience to a career path. The workshop digs into four areas — connecting majors to careers, creating a compelling resume, learning to network, and telling engaging stories in interviews. Includes actions for each year of college from freshman through senior with plenty of time for questions.