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Monday, December 4 @4:10 pm
Department Seminar
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

In an era of increasing global instability, the prospect of finding nuclear devices or materials outside of regulatory control is an ever-increasing concern, while the threat of a nuclear detonation becomes a sobering reality that we may face.

Tuesday, December 5 @9:30 am
Aditi Dahiya Preliminary Defense
WSU Pullman - Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)

Orthopedic medicine faces significant challenges in treating bone-related diseases such as osteosarcoma, managing bone defects, and combating bacterial infections. This study examines the use of nanoparticle-based therapies, which show promise in enhancing on-site delivery, bioavailability, release kinetics, and efficacy of treatments in bone tissue engineering.

Friday, December 8 @3 pm
Final Exam – AER/I Seminar
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

The safe deposit of actinide elements are important to ensure public safety and advancing nuclear energy development, and zircon (MSiO4) has been regarded as a promising candidate to immobilize large actinides due to its low solubility, high compatibility, and excellent radiation resistance.