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Thursday, September 7 @12 pm
It’s Complicated: Talking about climate change
WSU Pullman - Foley Institute

Serious action on climate change has been stalled in the U.S. for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most salient is the longstanding lack of public acceptance of well-established climate science. How can we address that?

We are joined this week by Matthew Slater, the John Howard Harris Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University.

Thursday, September 21 @12 pm
Foley Speaker: Climate activism; Does it change anything?
WSU Pullman - Bryan Hall

Protests organized by climate activists have increased in frequency and intensity. Are these acts of defiance enough to inspire change in policy?
Aseem Prakash is the founding director of the Center of Environmental Politics at the University of Washington and Nives Dolšak is director of the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington.

Thursday, September 28 @12 pm
Foley Institute: Faith and Climate Sciences
WSU Pullman - Bryan Hall

Among religious groups, evangelical Protestants are the most likely to say climate change is not a serious problem. How can this group be more effectively engaged?
Bob Inglis, former U.S. Representative from South Carolina, is Executive Director of, an organization dedicated to conservative solutions to climate change.

Friday, September 29 @3 pm
CAH Grant Writing Workshop for Graduate Students
WSU Pullman - Avery Hall

David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities (CAH) is organizing a Grant Writing Workshop for graduate students. Dr. Becky James, Research and Development Manager of the Grants and Fellowship Support, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Washington State University, will facilitate this workshop.
Dr. James will demonstrate how the graduate students can use Pivot-RP (a funding database) to search for funding opportunities and discuss the step-by-step process of Grant Writing. This event is meant for the students at the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). However, graduate students from any discipline who are interested to learn about Pivot-RP and basics of grant writing are welcome to join.