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Wednesday, March 6 @5 pm
[SDC Lecture] Yara Feghali | Interactive Storytelling
WSU Pullman - Online

Interactive Storytelling investigates the use of cutting edge immersive and interactive technologies to engage audiences in digital worlds. The lectures will show a range of projects, experiences, apps, software, games, and design tools to re-imagine the way we understand architecture discipline today and broaden the scope of what architecture can be tomorrow.

Friday, March 22 @5 pm
Bustad Lecture with Dr. Phyllis Erdman
WSU Pullman - Animal Disease Biotech Facility (ADBF)

Phyllis Erdman, PhD, author of “The Human Animal Bond: A Critical Element in Veterinary Education”

Wednesday, March 27 @3 pm
Distinguished Faculty Address
WSU Pullman - Health Education and Research Building - WSU Spokane

Distinguished Faculty Address

Wednesday, March 27 @7 pm
Potter Memorial Lecture
WSU Pullman - Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)

Human interdependence with other living things plays a central role in our ethical responsibilities. How can Aldo Leopold’s idea of land health help us understand these?
Roberta Millstein is professor emerit in the department of philosophy at University of California, Davis. Her newest book, The Land Is Our Community: Aldo Leopold’s Environmental Ethic for the New Millennium is in production.