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Monday, January 10 @3:10 pm
CySER Virtual Seminar — Deepfakes and Cybersecurity Concerns
Workshop / Seminar
Online - Online

Deepfakes are real and a real threat to organizations all over the world, including government organizations. Categorizing deepfakes is important and allows for separating this technology into positive and negative realms.

Wednesday, January 19 @11:10 am
EECS Colloquium: Explainable human-AI interaction for sequential decision support
Online - Online

For AI-powered systems to be truly successful in practical and everyday scenarios, it is not just enough for these systems to generate optimized decisions, but they need to be capable of working and collaborating with users from all walks of life. One major requirement for developing such systems is the need to imbue them with the ability to effectively model the expectations of their users, and to be capable of explaining their decisions and the rationale behind them in intuitive terms when such expectations cannot be met.