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Friday, December 2 @11 am
High-Performance and Reliable Processing-in-Memory Accelerators for Graph-based Machine Learning by Chukwufumnanya Ogbogu – Preliminary Exam
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building

The saturating scaling trends of CMOS technology have motivated the exploration of emerging Process-in-Memory (PIM) architectures as a promising alternative for accelerating data intensive Machine Learning (ML) workloads. To that effect, researchers have explored special-purpose accelerators based on Non-volatile Memory (NVM) crossbar primitives such as Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM)-based PIM accelerators.

Saturday, December 3 @9 am
Building Connections: Simpson Strong-Tie Student Symposium
WSU Pullman - PACCAR

Join Simpson Strong-Tie engineers and field specialists for a day of Building Connections where you will learn how structural connectors and pre-engineered building components help structures perform safely to resist natural hazards such as high winds and earthquakes.