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Monday, January 10 @3:10 pm
CySER Virtual Seminar — Deepfakes and Cybersecurity Concerns
Workshop / Seminar
Online - Online

Deepfakes are real and a real threat to organizations all over the world, including government organizations. Categorizing deepfakes is important and allows for separating this technology into positive and negative realms.

Tuesday, January 18 @1 pm
EECS Colloquium: Efficient resilience in processor design – from cloud servers to connected cars by Karthik V. Swaminathan, IBM Research
Online - Online

From autonomous vehicles to hybrid cloud and mainframe systems, Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) is fast becoming a first-class consideration alongside performance and energy-optimal execution in the design and functioning of the constituent processors. This has resulted in an increased push towards Efficient Resilience as the predominant design paradigm for these processors.

Friday, January 21 @12:10 pm
EECS Lunch and Learn with Industry series: Q & A with women of engineering
Online - Online

Interested to learn more about an engineering career, from the perspective of five women with decades of experience in engineering? Bring your questions to this open Q&A panel event. Get advice. Network. This event is sponsored by EECS, however, please invite friends pursuing STEM careers who also may be interested.