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Tuesday, September 13 @9 am
Machine learning in pursuit of zoonotic prediction
Workshop / Seminar

Preventing future disease outbreaks is a holy grail in global health, but the majority of new infections that are emerging in humans originate from wild species that are vastly understudied compared to humans.

Wednesday, September 14 @5 pm
Agility Dog Health Network: Webinar Series 3 of 6
Class / Instruction
Online - Online

Presenting complaints that might be unique to agility dogs such as “popping” weave poles, knocking bars, refusing to do individual obstacles, early take-off syndrome, or other poor performance situations.

Saturday, September 24 @12 pm
World Rabies Day, One Health Clinic — Seattle 2022
Community Service
WSU West/Downtown Seattle - Off Campus

The One Health Clinic is partnering with local animal welfare organizations to host a multi-site free pet wellness clinic focused on providing wellness care for our neighbors who are unsheltered or who are low-income with pets. Each site will offer animal vaccines, flea treatment, microchips and pet supplies.