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9 am
Foundations of Academic Advising: Part 2

This course further explores the foundations of advising and expands upon the knowledge gained through Foundations of Academic Advising Part 1. I

10:30 am
DTC Expert Series: Chris Stauch

The Digital Technology and Culture Department is proud to present the Expert Series: a broad array of industry professionals and researchers in graphic design, web design, UX design, social media, communications, game design, animation, systems design, and more.

12:10 pm
Jazz Trumpet: Lead, Section and Solo Playing

Trumpet and artist and Director of the Stanford University Jazz Band, Mike Galisatus, is presenting a special, virtual clinic “Jazz Trumpet: Lead, Section and Solo Playing,” for our students but all interested instrumental and vocal students would benefit from attending. The session will be offered on ZOOM (contact Greg…

12:30 pm
Organic Chemistry Seminar with Esther Dodson
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Online

Proteins can be covalently conjugated with small-molecule labels to achieve a variety of functions. For example, proteins can be labelled with drug molecules to target specific cells for disease therapies, or a radioactive or fluorescent label can be used to detect proteins in a Western blot.

7 pm
Visiting Writers Series reading with poet & memoirist C.S. Giscombe
WSU Pullman - Online

C.S. Giscombe is the author of many books, including the forthcoming Similarly, four poetry volumes, and a selection of new poems. His most recent books are Ohio Railroads (2014, a long poem in the form of an essay, including maps), Border Towns (2016, essays having to do with poetry), and Overlapping Apexes (2017, a long poem).