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Hort Club’s Graduation Sale

Greenhouses by Ferdinand's

About the event

Hort Club’s Graduation Plant Sale

Friday May 3rd

9 am to 3 pm

Greenhouses by Ferdinand’s

Cougar red tomatoes,  3 and 1/2″ pots at 1.50 ea

4 packs of tomatoes, peppers, and flowers at 2.25 ea

5 and 1/2″ geraniums at 4.50 ea

12″ pulp hanging baskets:  fuchsias, begonias, and wave petunias at 36.50 ea

Deck planters 14″ at 36.50 ea and 16″ at 38.50 ea

16″ pulp hanging basket at 48.50 ea and 18″ pulp hanging baskets at 54.50 ea



James Holden