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9 am
Jovan C. Speller Artist Talk & Exhibition
WSU Pullman - Fine Arts Building

Speller is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minnesota. Her work uses photography, installation, sound, text, and mixed media visual works to interpret historic narratives through contemporary discourse. Her research-based practice is centered around elevating, complicating and inventing stories that explore ancestry, identity, and spatial memory.

4:10 pm
CHE 598 Seminar: Future of Hydrogen Storage May Already Be In Your Kitchen
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)

With the increasing emissions of green-house gases and the changing attitudes toward fossil fuels the energy landscape is rapidly evolving. Energy sources that were once dominant are facing more intense scrutiny due to their polluting effects. One of the alternative clean power sources is hydrogen; however, in its compressed gaseous form, the wide applicability of hydrogen will remain limited. In an attempt to increase the use of hydrogen to store and transport clean energy, we have turned to dissolvable hydrogen sources: formate salts.

4:10 pm
Chemistry Departmental Seminar — Dr. Pete Reilly
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

This seminar chronicles the development of digital waveform mass spectrometry by our group at WSU in terms of the theory, hardware, and methods. It provides a timeline and reasoned path for the development of digital waveform technology (DWT) in pursuit of extending the working range of mass spectrometers to cover the complete range of intact proteins and biological complexes.