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12 pm
It’s Complicated: Talking about climate change
WSU Pullman - Foley Institute

Serious action on climate change has been stalled in the U.S. for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most salient is the longstanding lack of public acceptance of well-established climate science. How can we address that?

We are joined this week by Matthew Slater, the John Howard Harris Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University.

12:10 pm
Leveraging Model Organism Genetics to Inform New Neurotherapeutics Approaches
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Biotechnology Life Sciences

School of Molecular Biosciences Faculty Seminar Series, College of Veterinary Medicine

(Director Candidate)

PRESENTER: Dr. Brian Kraemer, University of Washington

TITLE: Leveraging Model Organism Genetics to Inform New Neurotherapeutics Approaches

3:30 pm
The unbiased identification of adhesins for entry into tick cells and mammalian cells by the tick-borne pathogen, Anaplasma marginale
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Bustad Hall

The Advances in Immunology & Microbiology seminar series is a weekly forum that brings together scientists from diverse fields and disciplines across the College of Veterinary Medicine to discuss research advances in the broad areas of immunology, microbiology, infectious diseases, and global health. Seminars feature student speakers from the Immunology & Infectious Disease (IID) doctoral program, IID-affiliated postdoctoral researchers and faculty, intramural speakers from across the university, and extramural speakers.

5 pm
2023 WSU Jones Milestone Accelerator Pitch Demo
WSU Pullman - Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center

Get ready for the big event that culminates our 2023 Jones Milestone Accelerator program and gives you the chance to meet the young entrepreneurs with tomorrow’s game-changing startups.

5 pm
VCEA Club Purchasing Training
WSU Pullman - Carpenter Hall

New procedures have been introduced to streamline the purchasing process for VCEA clubs. This is essential training for club officers and crucial to club success.

6 pm
David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities – Graduate Student Mixer
WSU Pullman - Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)

The David G. Pollart Center for the Arts and Humanities is hosting a Graduate Student Mixer. Please join us to celebrate the beginning of the new year, and to discuss how the Center can serve graduate students in the Arts & Humanities.

7:30 pm
Faculty Artist Series: Martin King, Horn Music by Horn Players
WSU Pullman - Bryan Hall


There is a long tradition of horn players writing solo and chamber music for their instrument. Starting with Franz Strauss, a horn virtuoso and composer born in 1822, this recital explores the contributions of horn players who have also composed for this instrument. Composers include Gina Gillie, Jeff…