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Workshop / Seminar

Assessments, Oh My! Options other than MCQ

Animal Disease Biotech Facility (ADBF), 1855 E GRIMES WAY, Pullman, WA 99164
Room 2018/2020 and ZOOM
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About the event

College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Academy

Teaching Tool Kit Series format
  • Mini workshops are open to faculty, residents, and graduate students from the College of Veterinary Medicine and across the WSU.
  • Our model: these workshops are intended to be active learning sessions. Each topic/idea will be introduced, and then the participants will engage, interact, and sometimes begin to create a product.
  • Practically, we hope that participants will come away from each session with 1 or 2 take-home lessons they might apply to their own teaching.
JUNE 28:
Assessments, Oh My! Options other than MCQ

Presented by Jeffrey Abbott

This interactive session will provide assessment options other than using Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).  Register & ZOOM info


Rachel Halsey